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The Full Monty: August 10 - September 2, 2018


So you want to be on stage?

Then come and join us for one of our auditions this season! The information below will be updated regularly with dates and times for both initial auditions and callbacks. And as we get closer, we'll also give you a sense of what you need to prepare - either a monologue or a short piece of music or some special skills that only you possess. We'll try to provide a list of roles that are available, so you know if there's something in the cast that's right for you, but it's always a good idea to read the play or listen to the soundtrack as well. Regardless, always bring a headshot or photograph of yourself, along with a theatrical resume, if you have one.  (please note, headshots and resumes become the property of the Players Guild Theatre and will not be returned).





Monday, June 25th & Tuesday, June 26th

Producing Artistic Director: Joshua Erichsen

Resident Director: Jon Tisevich

Rehearsals begin Sunday, July 1st and will be held Sundays - Thursdays 6:30-10:30 PM.

The production is scheduled to open August 10th and will run through Sept 2nd; with performances on Fridays & Saturdays 8:00 PM, and Sundays @ 2:00 PM.


Please see the full breakdown of roles available below.

Please prepare 32 bars of a musical theatre song that best shows off your vocal ability.  Please bring sheet music in the appropriate key, double sided, in a three ring binder. An accompanist will be provided.  In addition, please bring a current photo or headshot/resume if available.

Auditions are by appointment only.  Time slots available are as follows:  

Monday, June 25th: 6:00, 6:30, 7:00, 7:30, 8:00 PM

Tuesday, June 26th: 6:00, 6:30, 7:00, 7:30, 8:00 PM

Dance Callbacks will be held on Wednesday, June 27th.   

Principal Callbacks will be Thursday, June 28th.

**Please make an appointment for an audition time by filling out the online audition form HERE. Leave your name, age, phone number, and preferred half-hour time slot.

If you have any questions, please contact: jonathantisevich@gmail.com.

The Players Guild Theatre is located in the Cultural Center for the Arts, 1001 Market Ave North, Canton, OH 44702


*Dave Bukatinsky –  (Male, Any Ethnicity, 30s-40s) Jerry's overweight best friend and fellow unemployed mill worker. Very much a man's man, but more of a follower than leader. The definitive sidekick. Self-conscious about his size.

*Malcolm Macgregor – (Male, Any Ethnicity, 20s-40s) An unemployed mill worker. Lives at home with his mother. Depressed, suicidal, awkward, and feeble. Pigeon-chested. Finds comfort in Ethan.

*Harold Nichols –  (Male, Any Ethnicity, 40s-50s) An unemployed supervisor at the mill. Hot Metal's choreographer by way of his ‘ballroom training’. The only ‘white-collar’ guy in the group. Thinks his worth comes from providing for his wife, so he hides his unemployment from her.

*Ethan Girard – (Male, Any Ethnicity, 20s-40s) An unemployed mill worker. Lonely. Has a blind determination and confidence to succeed. Develops a sincere relationship with Malcolm.

*Georgie Bukatinsky – (Female, Any Ethnicity, 30s-40s) Dave's wife. She loves her husband, and worries about him. Bold, outgoing and brash. She is the "leader" of her group of girlfriends. Big belt with an even bigger heart.

*Vicki Nichols – (Female, Any Ethnicity, 30s-50s) Harold's wife. She enjoys the finer things in life. Great comedic actress with over the top vocals and antics. Loves her husband deeply, and supports him no matter what.

Jeanette Burmeister – (Female, Any Ethnicity, 50s-70s) A piano player of indeterminate years and show-business pro. Sassy, quick-witted, and larger than life. Has slowed down in recent years.

Pam Lukowski – (Female, Any Ethnicity, 30s-40s) Jerry's estranged wife and high school sweetheart. She wants what is best for her son. Strong business woman, but also compassionate and motherly.

Joanie Lish (Female, Any Ethnicity, late 20s-40s) Friend of Georgie and Pam… blue-collar, fun, sassy, and full of moxy.

Estelle Genovese (Female, Any Ethnicity, late 20s-30s) Jerry’s new girlfriend with slightly ambiguous morals; attractive and brash.

Susan Hershey (Female, Any Ethnicity, 30s-40s) friend of Georgie and Pam… blue-collar, ‘life-experienced’ friend from work who loves to grab a beer with the girls before she heads home to the old ball and chain.

Teddy Slaughter (Male, Any Ethnicity, 30s-40s) Pam’s live-in boyfriend; every bit as good looking as Jerry...but his collar is “whiter” and he has a job; honestly cares for Pam and Nathan...which only makes Jerry want to punch him.

Ensemble (Females & Males, Any Ethnicities, 20s-50s) Strong singers and actors to play multiple roles including Molly, Reg Willoughby, Marty, Police Officers, Minister, Repo-Men, Office Workers, unsuccessful strippers, Men and Women of Buffalo.

*Denotes that a stipend is available for these specified roles.