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Memphis: August 11 - September 12, 2017

Spirits & Spirits Masquerade Ball

2nd Annual - October 21

Spirits & Spirits Masquerade Ball


The Players Guild Theatre summons you to join us for our second annual Masquerade Ball on Saturday, October 21, beginning at 8:00PM and ending when the clock strikes twelve. In keeping with our theme, we’ll be providing you with two types of “Spirits”…those you consume…and those you are very likely to meet inhabiting our theatre. So far they seem to be a very friendly bunch.

We encourage you to dress in a costume of your choice…our judges will be mingling with you throughout the night to find our most wonderfully attired guest, and you’ll be suitably rewarded for your efforts. Dancing on the Mainstage, food, drinks, and some very surprising moments await you with some of our most memorable, haunting characters. It’s a little dark…maybe a bit creepy…but a night you’ll not soon forget…